Nicholas Fernholm


We can change at the same rate as the world.

Winner of the Talarforum Talang 2018

Meet Sweden's new star lecturer:

Nicholas is an inspiring and entertaining lecturer focusing on  the biggest factors that affect our future and your organization.

As a public speaker, he leads dialogue on the future of technology, and the generation this challenge belongs to: Millennials.


Nicholas works to help companies handle digitization, drawing on his background as the former Logistics Manager at Älvsjö epidemic hospital and former Robot Manager at Nya Karolinska Hospital.

"What is so great about Nicholas' lecture is that it was about technology, but with a person-oriented perspective. Nicholas manages to avoid scaring the audience, as many other "digital lecturers” do , but instead focuses on the positive possibilities with both humor and facts"

Kristina Cohn Linde @ CEO, Marknasföreningen
Nicholas & Covid-19

During the Corona crisis, Nicholas helped hospitals adapt and cope with the crisis. With the start-up, Älvsjö Epidemic Hospital, he guided the restructuring of the healthcare industry. Nicholas also works throughout the Stockholm Region to ensure protective material for healthcare.

Featured Lecture:

How should we lead our organizations amidst constant change?

Our world is changing faster than ever before. Corona crisis has shaken our lives and automation and digitalization further challenge the way we work.

Within 15-20 years, approximately 50% of all tasks will be automated, forcing us to rethink our values, ideologies, and the way we work. If we do not prepare ourselves and our organizations, we will be left in the dust.

This economic and social change will occur alongside a generational shift. In fewer than 7 years, the millennial generation will account for the majority of Sweden’s workforce. This means that most of your employees, customers, and suppliers will have grown up with a mobile phone in hand. What motivates the new, young generation? How should our companies prepare?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the transformation the world is undergoing. That is where Nicholas Fernholm comes in.  He approaches the future, and how to prepare for it, with optimism. His lecture cultivates understanding, laughter, and inspiration for the future.

Need a Consultant?

Nicholas consults for organizations and companies seeking expertise in logistics, automation and change.


Nicholas has previously consulted in several areas and works actively with automated solutions. During the Corona crisis, he has worked with the start-up, Älvsjö Epidemic Hospital, and was part of a major restructuring of Swedish healthcare to cope with the crisis. Nicholas also consults for the Stockholm region to ensure protective material for healthcare.